Digital Marketing: Key Tools Needed


Web Site with a Content Management System:  A modern, dynamic web site with a content management system becomes command central for all of your daily communications.  From there, constantly updated information is easily transmitted to facebook, twitter, broadcast email and more. With seamless integration and live links on your web site, this makes your existing web site always up to date, giving people a reason to return to it.


Facebook:  Facebook is free, and it’s just plain smart to use this tool to its maximum capacities.  These include posting content at least five times a week, giving incentives for people to ‘like’ your page and “share” your posts, and gathering email addresses at every opportunity.


Twitter:  Some of us tried to ignore it but Twitter is here to stay.  If you want to reach 20 – 30 year olds, you have to tweet, a minimum of once a day.


Broadcast Email:  This is still one of the strongest, most cost-effective marketing methods around.  It’s also critical for reaching the 50+ demographic.


Linked In:  Depending on your target audience, linked in may be important for you to be on.


We design, build, and set up all of these communication tools for you (or whichever ones you’re lacking) and automate them, so you achieve massive communication saturation at a wholly affordable cost.